Tuition & Fees

All Ages

5 Days Per Week, FT*, Monthly$1,889.82/$20,788.07
4 Days Per Week, FT, Monthly$1,511.86/$16,630.45
3 Days Per Week, FT, Monthly$1,133.89/$12,472.84
2 Days Per Week, FT, Monthly$755.93/$8,315.23
1 Day Per Week, FT, Monthly$377.96/$4,157.61
1 DAY DROP-IN$94.49
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 5 Days$11/$128
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 4 Days$12/$240
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 3 Days$13/$336
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 2 Days$14/$416
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 1 Day$15/$480
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 5 Days$11/$96
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 4 Days$12/$180
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 3 Days$13/$252
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 2 Days$14/$312
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 1 Day$15/$360
Aftercare (Hourly)$10
Early Drop Off (Hourly)$10
Extended Care 7:00 -8:00pm (Hourly)$17
Aftercare (Hourly)$18
Early Drop Off (Hourly)$22.50


5 Days Per Week, PT, Monthly$1,250
4 Days Per Week, PT, Monthly$1,000
3 Days Per Week, PT, Monthly$741.60
2 Days Per Week, PT, Monthly$500
1 Day Per Week, PT, Monthly$185.40
1 DAY DROP-IN$46.35
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 5 Days$11
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 4 Days$12
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 3 Days$13
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 2 Days$14
Aftercare (Hourly/Monthly) 1 Day$15
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 5 Days$11
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 4 Days$12
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 3 Days$13
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 2 Days$14
Early Drop Off (Hourly/Monthly) 1 Day$15


Extended Care, Monthly$55
Late Pick Up$1
Late Drop Off W/O Notice 9:15AM$5
Late Pick Up After 7:00pm$5
Late Payment (Daily % of Tuition)3%


Teacher / NYC First Responder10%
Sibling Discount10%
Referral Discount15%
Tuition Prepayment Plan10-30%
Split Payment30th & 14th Only

*FT/Full Time/General Hours = 8:30AM – 5:00PM
*PT or Part Time = Half Days of 8:30am – 1:00PM or 1:00PM – 5:00PM
Extended Care = 7:00PM – 8:00PM


  • 15% Discount will be applied for all NYC Teachers and first respondent employees (Nurses, Doctors, PO’s, etc.).
  • Discount offered once per quarter (September – June only).
  • 10% Siblings discount offered to students enrolled with the Katmint.
  • 15% Referral discount offered for one month. Referred parent should note referral on their application. Discount is offered once the referred family is enrolled.
  • The Prepayment Plan. 10% up to 30% discount offered for families who prepay a number of months in advance . There is a 4 family max annual participation. If you would like to sign up please note that on your child’s application.
  • Split payments are allowed for families who request by the 14th of the prior month before billing. This allows payments to be due on the 30th and 14th of the month.


A $65 Application Processing Fee is due upon receipt of your child (s) application and is (Non–refundable).

  • Please make all checks payable to The Katmint.
  • There is an $85 annual child registration fee due upon acceptance of a seat (Non-refundable) and billed with first months billing.
  • A deposit equivalent to 100% of the selected monthly tuition by a family will be required in order to secure a seat at the Katmint.
  • Deposit Agreements, in which the form will be emailed to the interested family, cannot be rescinded or voided after 24 hours has passed after signage and submission of payment.
  • Deposit Refund Stipulations are as mentioned below and stipulated on the actual Deposit Agreement Form:
    • 50% Refundable with 60 Days notice.
    • 25% Refundable with 30 Days notice.
  • Deposits are a separate fee from the monthly tuition to be assessed.
  • Families wishing to utilize the installment deposit payment option will follow the stipulations below:
    • Payment made in 2 installments 25% refundable.
    • Payment made in 3 Installments 10% refundable.
    • Deposits will be deemed forfeited when less 30 days notice is given.
  • Deposit are to be duly refunded during July – September only.
  • Late Pick Up (Unauthorized or not scheduled) $5 Per Minute.
  • Late Drop Off (Unscheduled) after 9:15 am $1 Per Minute.
  • Late Payment 3% daily charge of total tuition.

Note to our potential parent community:


The Katmint Learning Initiative does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, or national or ethnic origin. Our selection is completely based on childcare and community needs. Spots are on a first come first reserved basis starting with current students and then for siblings. Once current children and their siblings are placed, we then begin to take applicants from our waiting list. Applicants are selected based on classroom needs and selection is made with thoughtful consideration of the classroom dynamic and community, including class balance in terms of age and gender. To be considered please return the application with an $65 application-processing fee to:


The Katmint Learning Initiative
545 Quincy Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11221


Please call if any questions regarding application status, general inquiries, etc. (347) 453-6609
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