Are we allowed to bring children on the tour?

Yes. We always recommend bringing children on the tour with you. It allows a better visual on what it would look like if they were currently attending our program.


How are parents informed about their child’s day and what’s happening in the classroom?

Our teachers use classroom DOJO where you will be updated on how your child’s day is going in regards to: toileting, meals, activities, and anything else that may be pertinent. Weekly classroom letters are sent out on Friday(s) and teachers will email when necessary.


What is the Teacher to student ratios in the classroom?

Our school generally has 2 Teachers per classroom:

  • (6 months to 23 months) 1 Teacher to every 2 students
  • (2-3 year old age group) 1 Teacher to every 6 students
  • (3-4 year old age group) 1 Teacher to every 10 students


What is the classroom size?

This truly depends on the location (generally 2-3’s class: 12 students; 3-4’s class 15 students. Students under 2 can be a class size of 6


Are there ways for parents to get involved?

Absolutely, our school has class parents who assist in fundraising, school events and much more.


Does Katmint have an app for parents?

Yes, we utilize classroom DOJO in place of a daily paper progress sheet. This is where instant messaging, pictures and important school information is shared through school stories


Are meals included in tuition?

Please inquire with school administration. Our meal provider is Red Rabbit. Please visit http://www.myredrabbit.com/ to learn more about them.


Should I bring my child on tour when I visit?

Yes, please bring your child with you if you can the day of your visit


As a progressive program, how do you ensure a diverse curriculum that promotes inclusion and diversity?

Our school strives to provide a diverse environment for all types of learners. We incorporate cultural experiences through read alouds, art, cooking, music and play based learning. Throughout the school year we take pride in touching on all holidays and exposing our students to cultures that they may not be familiar with. Together we learn, listen and respect everyone’s individuality.