Remote Learning

In April 2020, our school fully transitioned to remote learning to support the development and learning progression of 35 students. The success of our virtually adapted curriculum brought our decision to permanently offer Remote Learning services.


Remote learning affords an opportunity for learners and educators to remain connected and engaged with our units of study while receiving support and instruction from the comfort of their own home. Join us on Zoom for interactive adventures in math, literature, music and movement, science, art, cooking, and Spanish instruction. We include a weekly activity schedule, supplemental lessons when we are not in session, and additional learning resources.


Morning Meeting kicks off our learning at 9:30 am before we move into our first activity of the day. Additionally, students receive a 15 minute one-on-one session. This allows the teacher to individualize instruction and assess the student’s strengths, as well as the areas where growth is needed. Through one-on-one sessions students are able to grasp content in the way that’s most constructive for them and benefit from building an intimate relationship with the teacher. You can see our remote learning rates below and we hope to see you on the screen!