Shoe-Free Environment:
All Katmint classrooms are a shoe-free environment! For little friends between the ages of 6 months to 23 months we recommend bootie shoes or socks with grips only. A shoe-free environment keeps their little hands and mouth safe from germs and dirt while they discover the world around them.

No Cribs or Pack and Plays used:
We believe that all students should have the freedom and liberty to explore the classroom at their own pace. Our Teachers work on improving fine motor and gross motor development and therefore will not be using pack and plays nor cribs in the classroom.

Nap time:
Students nap on a sleeping mat 3FT a apart that is similar to a thin toddler size mattress. We request a fitted-tight sheet to go on the sleeping mat and a cozy blanket if they use one. Comfort objects such as a stuffy or anything else students may like to hold while napping is welcome. No monitors are used.

Please make sure that all pacifier containers are labeled and that the pacifier has a clip.

Flexible feeding schedule to fit your infant needs:
If you breastfeed or bottle-feed, please let us know. Our teachers are trained to properly store breastmilk and formula. We have policies to carefully label and separate breast milk and formula. Parents are always welcome to stop in on a break to feed their baby. The teacher will ask for a detailed feeding schedule that should include: warming procedures, how many ounces and times.