The format of our curriculum is based on an 11 – month schedule featuring thematic units for each month. Within each unit, learners can expect to explore a sub-topic as well. This provides 24 spheres of study for students to engage and interact with. Our emergent philosophy inspires a curriculum that has a deeper vision of children where they can express their knowledge through many different languages. That is why our educators utilize an interdisciplinary approach where each theme and subtopic is explored through multiple areas such as art, literature, sensory, music, science, cooking, engineering, movement, dramatic play, community projects and more. In the classroom, thematic units are launched with students by collecting their questions and documenting their wonderings. This practice helps us empower students by having their interests at the core. Think of our thematic units as intentions and provocations paired with opportunities for open ended work time and exploration. This provides the space for teachers to sit back and capture the ways in which students are exploring the theme and sub-topic so they can guide the connections being made and remain responsive. Throughout the unit, classroom studies breathe and bend with current events, emerging interests, and many cultural celebrations. Katmint’s flexible nature of instruction ensures authenticity in our real-world student learning.


Here is a snapshot of our 2020-2021 Units of Study. These topics were established based on student engagement data and interest inventories collected from teachers and staff.

2020-21 Year at a Glance

Month Unit Sub-Topic
September Radically Me: Family, Identity, Culture Routines, Rituals, and Allyship in the Classroom
October Harvest Month: Rituals in Food Making and Healthy Habits The Five Senses
November Transportation: A Study of Movement and Machinery Gravity and Speed
December The Secret Life of Animals Habitats and Hibernation
January Digging Deep:
Dinosaurs, Rocks, and Landforms
The States of Matter
February African American Leaders Self-Love, Care, and Friendship
March Story Telling: A Study of Books, Characters, and Language Women in History
April Rooted in Plant Life: Trees, Flowers, and Seeds Environmental Justice and Awareness
May Insect Investigations: A Month Long Observation Life Cycles
June School and Self-Pride Carribean Heritage and LQBTQ Pride