As the world changes so does our curriculum. We are constantly evolving and developing new ways to engage our students. The format of our curriculum is based on an 11- month schedule broken down into quarterly series of studies with one underlying theme. The theme never changes but our approach does in how we implement each lesson as new student interest emerge. Using the information from our daily assessment we incorporate real-life experiences that will make the lesson more relatable to each student furthering its impact.  Units of study led by our skilled teachers include art, literature, language, music, science, movement, theatre, community projects and more.  All units coupled with morning and afternoon meet ups, lunch, snack, social engagement help provide the necessary framework in building not just academic development but life Skills. Being a progressive program allows us the opportunity to make our program more unconventional and pushing it forward. For 2017-2018 students will be learning more about themselves and others during our study called “All about me”. Having a respect for ones community and its diversity will lead to thoughtfulness of ethic differences and help create model citizen which are needed more now than ever in the world we live in today.