Our Philosophy

The Katmint Learning Initiative is a school that believes in progressive education. We understand that in order to efficiently focus on the development of the Whole–Child there is no one method or way to teaching a child in which caters solely to the individuality of every student. Therefore we offer a best of both worlds approach by incorporating multiple philosophies such as Bank Street, Montessori and emergent curriculum into our primarily play based curriculum.


The programs core values are based on the following beliefs:

  • Play is inherently valuable allowing children to have a better understanding of who they are and the world they live in.
  • Children should not only be taught to be good learners but good people.
  • Students learn best when they are taught to have a deeper understanding about things that really matter from the inside out.
  • Educators design the course of study with their students, not just for their students.
  • Instilling a love of learning creates a pathway to lifelong learning.
  • Students thrive best in communities that promote collaboration, diversity and respect for the lives of others.

The goal is to build a curriculum that will touch on the student’s mental, social, emotional and physical growth. Progressive teaching allows us to go beyond the boundaries of what traditionally children are expected to know becoming less specific and much broader which effectively cater to the inclusive needs of each child.