Tuition Assistance


As of the 23-24 school year, we gladly accept families using HRA and ACS Vouchers. Katmint believes every family has a right to high quality Early Childhood Education. It is our priority to ensure our programming is available for all families regardless of income or financial status.

The Katmint Learning Initiative is an independent progressive school that greatly values our diversity and responsibility as a community-based preschool program. We are invested in growing and developing an independent school with the schedule of flexibility and a creative, play-based learning environment. For us, active diversity is about recognizing the value of each unique student family and embedding within our curriculum and pedagogy a commitment to a holistic diversity, which includes but is not limited to socio-cultural and socio-economic diversity. Therefore, through our Katmint Scholarship Fund we offer income-based tuition assistance to ensure that we have socio-economic diversity within our community and that qualifying Katmint families can benefit from a sliding-scale subsidized approach to covering the cost of tuition and fees.



The Katmint offers an array of discount options for families. If you are interested in applying for any discount option, please contact us at [email protected]. Some options have a limited availability and is based on fundraising efforts.


Teacher / First Responder Discount (5%)
All Katmint parents who are educators, nurses, or who work for the NYPD, fire departments or corrections facilities are eligible for a 15% discount off of their monthly tuition during each quarter. Families get the option of choosing which month during each Quarter to apply their discount to. (1st Quarter Jan-Mar, 2nd Quarter Apr-Jun, 3rd Quarter Jul-Sept, and 4th Quarter Oct-Dec). Proof and identification of employment is required in order to participate.


Katmint Sibling Discount (5%)
All Katmint parents who have more than one child enrolled at The Katmint can receive a 10% discount off from each additional child’s monthly tuition for the full school year, which includes the summer program. This options applies to sibling only.


Prepayment Discount (10% – 20%)
Families interested in pre-paying their tuition receive a sliding scale discount based on the number of months that are prepaid. Each school year, up to four families can participate in the prepayment discount option. The sliding scale works as follows:

  • 15 months in advance (20% discount)
  • 12 months in advance (15% discount)
  • 9 months in advance (12% discount)
  • 6 months in advance (10% discount)

Once you have confirmed an option that is compatible we will send you a customized agreement (see below). No deposit will be required if enrolled in our prepayment plan. We will require either option to fully secure placement.

Once-A-Year Prorate Option (September -June Only)
The Katmint has a full-year schedule, during which the monthly tuition stays consistent regardless of the numbers of days in a month, holidays, or staff development days. Once a year, each family can pay a prorated month of tuition based solely on the days that the student will be in attendance. Families should notify The Katmint administration about which month they’d like to prorate at least 15 days before the prorated month.