Infant Curriculum

Our youngest learners will follow the thematic Unit of Study as other Katmint classrooms. Our infants are in their prime time for brain development, just starting to make connections with people and objects around them. Our curriculum is designed to help students meet milestones and make real-life connections through art, music, open-ended materials and play based learning. Infants will experience and benefit from the following enrichment classes: yoga, gardening, Spanish and much more.

  • Literacy: Infants are in the earliest stages of their language development where they are beginning to make sounds. We reinforce this by incorporating a wide variety of texts into the curriculum. Our main objective is to increase exposure and build vocabulary by pointing and naming objects.
  • Expression: To help further develop their sense of expression and creativity, we touch and feel different textures, listen to different sounds of music, and play instruments.
  • Cognitive Development: We incorporate memory skill, use our five senses, and copy simple actions as much as possible. We do this to increase the many cognitive connections being made.
  • Emotional Connection: Feeling a sense of comfort when in our care is important to us! Therefore our teachers offer tons of cuddles and soothing experiences to help foster bonding and comfort levels.