Katmint Cares Cleaning Initiative

I hope that you’re well! We are reaching  out on behalf of  The Katmint Learning Initiative


In support of our fundraising means and ways committee from The Katmint we are offering home, office and commercial, airbnb and after party cleaning services to support our early childhood program which serves children 6 months to 5 years and school age. 


We strive to meet your satisfaction. Paying  close attention to areas we often forget. We clean to promote healthier lives which are not just focused on the body but our environment. Cleaning is something everyone should have access to whether you are looking for support casually, immediate or long-term. Gives us a try. We hire well vetted members of our team which important building trust in your’re most private and intimate spaces. Might you consider our initiative we would be incredibly grateful for your support.

The Katmint supports over 50 families in our early childhood programs located throughout Bedstuy Brooklyn since 2013. With Early Childhood Education being adversely affected by the global pandemic and budget cuts we are creating a new way of sustainability and advocacy in order to keep our mission and purpose alive.  Your local support will ensure our early childhood space can thrives; as we continue to advocate for the  benefit of educators, families and thereby society as a whole. We are hoping to raise enough money to sustain our cause and also give back to families  through very tangible ways.  

If you’re interested, please see our list of services provided as we come to you and clean. Thank you so much for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you!



We strive to provide an immaculate home, office and or living complex with time, attention and detail. Our team is here to help. We focus on the big and little things specifically areas which never receive the attention they deserve. After a visit to strategize the desired  areas to be cleaned within the same day, next day or future date we get to work wasting no time removing dirt, grime, sanitizing, disinfecting, vacuuming and all.


See what we offer below:


Traditional Cleaning

  • Includes 1 Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen or Kitchenette and Bedroom.
  • As part of our traditional cleaning we dust, wash all reachable areas and surfaces, wiping the outside of all kitchens appliances and cabinets, all surface areas of the bathroom, vacuum and Swiffer or mop floors. Need more detail see what is covered below including both Traditional and Deep Cleaning.
    • Bathrooms
      • Wash and sanitize toilets, showers and sinks.
      • Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces.
      • Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures.
      • Swiffer or mop floors
      • Take out trash and recyclables
    • Kitchen 
      • Wash and scrub sink
      • Wash the face of the cabinets and appliances
      • Clean inside and outside of the microwave and toaster ovens
      • Wipe and disinfect countertops, door handles and light switches
      • Wipe mirrors and glass fixtures. Also any plexiglass surfaces.
      • Take out trash and recyclables
    • Bedrooms and living room
      • Make a bed and change all linens with clean ones to be provided
      • Dust all reachable surfaces
      • Wipe and disinfect door handles and light switches
      • Swiffer or mop all floors.

Home Organization – Living in your home right

  • We help you store things you don’t want in your home.
    • Store the things you want to keep. 
  • Make recommendations on you don’t want to keep.
  • Help to reduce clutter and maximizing your space to fit your need. 
  • Home Organization Starting at 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs

Moving Today/ Unpacking Tomorrow

  • Organize a moving strategy that reduces stress on you when you need to focus on getting from one destination to the other.
  • Manage movers based on our strategies in place.
  • Unpacking and organizing.

Office Cleaning

  • We offer day, night, weekend, weekly, monthly and long-term cleaning options. 
  • Commercials and cleaning rates are limited to NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan etc)  for now.
  • To inquire please contact us with your 
    • Name (First Last)
    • Email 
    • Contact number
    • Business Address
    • Type of services (Select Airbnb, Office Cleaning or Corporate Apt Cleaning)
    • Dates needed 
    • Details of the cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services

  • Apartments 
  • Commercials Spaces 
  • Airbnbs

What Do Charge Extra For:

  • Move In/ Move Out  
  • Cleaning interior Windows 
  • Outdoor lawn care (Leaves and Snow Removal)
  • Inside Cabinets 
  • Laundry folding and organizing in draws.
  • Defrost and Cleaning Refrigerator.
  • Cleaning inside the oven. 
  • Additional Bedrooms
  • Baseboards
  • Clean interior walls 
  • Additional hours of organizing 
  • Dishes

More About Us:

Due to the time sensitivity and detail and care we charge extra for the following items. We offer reasonable and affordable prices so that these services can be offered to everybody. Please inquire further.

What we don’t clean:


  • Above ground level windows 
  • Animal Waste
  • Rust Removal 
  • Industrial Cleaning 
  • Surfaces requiring scaffolds 
  • Mold Removal 
  • Moving Furniture or Heavy Lifting 


If there are other additional services you are unsure about please contact us at (917)825-9065 or email us at [email protected]


Give us a try and call or text now


We used EPA approved products only. All of your special needs are considered as we treat your temple and safe space with the utmost care. If you have a preference for more eco-friendly products like “greenworks” please let us know ahead of your scheduled cleaning.  

Principals We Standby

  • All faculty have been adequately trained and vetted to provide the highest levels of service
  • None of our team is are outside contractors
  • We use safe cleaning practices and protocols 
  • We are insured and bonded
  • We provide all cleaning supplies with jobs within 24 hours notice


All jobs require a  minimum of 2 hours


Traditional Cleaning (1.5 Hours)  

  • $75 Per Hour (One-time)
  • Custom Cleaning
    • Hourly Weekly $50
    • Semi-Weekly $58 
    • Hourly Monthly $65


Deep Cleaning (2.5 Hours)

  • $130 Per Hour (One-time)
  • Custom Cleaning 
    • Hourly Weekly $100
    • Semi-Weekly $110
    • Hourly Monthly $119


The Extras 

  • Moving In/ Moving Out $50  
  • Cleaning interior Windows $30 
  • Outdoor lawn care (Leaves and Snow Removal)$120
  • Inside Cabinets $40 
  • Laundry folding and organizing in draws $45 per bag
  • Defrost and Cleaning Refrigerator $30
  • Cleaning inside the oven $40 
  • Additional Bedrooms $55
  • Baseboards $30
  • Clean interior walls $40 
  • Additional hours of organizing $50 
  • Dishes $20


To schedule Call/Text  (917)825-9065, email ([email protected]) us to book  your first appointment with us. Please kindly include in your message:


  • Name (First Last)
  • Email 
  • Contact number
  • Business Address
  • Type of services (Airbnb, Private Home, Office Cleaning or Corporate Apt Cleaning)
  • Dates needed 
  • Details of the cleaning


A member of our team will contact your right away.


  • Get $20 dollars off your first cleaning gig by booking an appt today. 
  • We offer discounts for single parent households and  long-term contracts with our team.


* Pricing is based on estimated times. May require more time than listed.

** Billing is due prior to services being complete

*** Services not meeting your satisfaction we will come back and redo for free for you. 

*** We take Before and After pictures of all jobs and visits. 


We Need You, Neighbor in support of our school

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