What We Offer


The Katmint Learning Initiative offers a best of both worlds approach with Daycare services coupled with preschool components. The structures of our day-to-day activities are designed ensuring a child-centered environment with age appropriate curriculum for our students. Students enrolled will:

  • Engage in active playgroups that include exercise and yoga promoting fitness, self-esteem, coordination and positive energy.
  • Develop soft skills such as creative techniques for potty training and importance on hand washing encouraging early hygiene and health control.
  • Listen to a variety of music. Enabling their ability to identify different sounds and create music of their own with instruments or by using the body to create different sounds.
  • Practice positive communication between the adults and their peers.
  • Get an introduction to art encouraging students to draw out ideas through their imagination further developing their inner creativity.
  • Count everything insight! We will draw comparisons of shapes and sizes encouraging an early foundation in mathematics.
  • Read age appropriate books along with animated narrators developing their speech and strong communication skills.
  • Learn through observation as they participate in cooking and instruction classes where they will add ingredients and be able to identify taste in foods.
  • Be introduced to gardening through workshops where we grow our own fruits and vegetables encouraging healthier eating choices.
  • Receive after school Tutoring and assistance with homework. Taking a load off of mom and dad while keeping students ahead of the game.


As the times vastly change so will the need of our surrounding community. We have dedicated ourselves to meet some of those needs offering more quality enrichment and care. Here are a couple of things will be introducing to The Katmint Learning Initiative.

  • Meals – Parents get ready to take a load off to let us assist you with your child’s daily nutrition intake w/ breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Transportation – Drop off /pick up services.
  • Summer Program – Offering a six-week fun filled way to enjoy the summer.
  • The Katmint Day School – Becoming a full-fledged school adding a grade each year after the first inaugural opening starting with kindergarten. Expected in 2016-2017.
  • Playgroups – Playgroups for children ages 1½ years of age to 5.
  • Informal Classes – Informative classes for parents, mothers to be on topics such as children’s nutrition, health and fitness and much more.